Easter and Marriage

Does the Easter story tell us something about marriage? Well, Easter is about Resurrection. On Good Friday, Christ died to pay for our sins and on Sunday – on that first Easter – He rose from the dead.  Easter is about life after death and many who are reading this right now may be experiencing a kind of death in their marriages. It seems that love is dead. Understanding and kindness are dead.  There is no hope. And along with this death is a deep pain and sadness. If this describes your marriage, please know that you are not alone. Many in our community – and in our country – are experiencing the same thing. It may seem dark and hopeless, but it is possible to have a resurrection!

One of the messages we can glean from Easter is that when things seem very dark and dead – it does not mean that it is over. I like what Amy Carroll said, "He (God) is still in the business of bringing dead things to life." You may say, “You don’t know my situation. It is hopeless.” No, I don’t know your situation…but I have known many couples in very dismal, seemingly hopeless marriages, who through prayer and work not only survived, but ultimately thrived in marriage. How can this be?

As with the resurrection, we must look to the power of God. I mentioned prayer and that is important. We must ask His help – we cannot do this alone. But looking to God also involves also looking to what His Word says and, by His grace, following it. God loves us and has told us that His Word is “profitable” (2 Tim. 3:16)

One of the important Biblical steps we should take when dealing with a struggling marriage is to choose to believe things can get better. When the resurrected Jesus spoke with doubting Thomas He said, “Stop doubting and believe." (John 20:27) I believe He would say the same thing to us.

Praying, believing, and following His blueprint for marriage are good first steps to experiencing a resurrection. Happy Easter to you and your family!

James S. Danner is pastor of Grace Community Church (www.GCCValdosta.org) and counselor with Grace Counseling (www.GraceValdosta.com)